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Kirkconnell’s Birding Tours is specialized in top-quality birdwatching throughout all Cuba with more than 28 years of experience, guided by passionate and experienced professional tour leaders. We’ve designed the current birding itinerary’s. While our mission is first and foremost to deliver the ultimate birding experience, our tours are also educational, fun and excellent value for your time!

To those who have already toured with us, we say thank you for your loyalty and support, and if you have yet to experience a Kirkconnell’s Birds tour, we look forward to having you on one of our upcoming birding adventures!

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  • Customer-Focused: We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. That’s why groups will never exceed 6 participants.
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On the Kirkconnell family we have been birding for over 30 years, we can offer you the experience of your live in what birds are related.

Our main goal is for you to learn and enjoy all of the Cuban endemics, starting with the Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world, and ending with the striking Cuban Trogon.

Enjoy Cuba, its Nature, Culture and beautiful People.

Arturo Kirkconnell

Tour Leader & Founder

Arturo Kirkconnell is the bird curator at the National Museum of Natural History of Cuba. His curriculum vitae includes 77 scientific papers and he is the co-author of two books: A Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba, and A Birdwatchers’ Guide to Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and the Caymans. At present he is working in…

Arturo Kirkconnell Jr

Photographer, Tour Leader & Founder

Arturo Kirkconnell Jr, born and race in Havana Cuba, he studied Computer Science, but since the age of 12 he has been birding and traveling through all the country with his father Arturo Kirkconnell, participating in many of his expedition and bird research as his field assistant. The first tour he leads was for British…


  • My ten-day tour with Arturo Jr, my first organized birding tour outside the U.S., was well represented and organized. What called my attention to it was being in the “out back” of Cuba, seeing the countryside and getting to know the people outside of the cities. I was not disappointed. At every destination, we had lovely experiences awaiting us, delightful Casas particulares – similar to B and Bs in the States_ with gracious hosts and charming accommodations. Arturo has a wonderful network of people prepared to allow his “charges” to have the most all-encompassing experience possible in Cuba, be it birding, local products, city tours, restaurants or anything else. 

    Arturo is persistent in that he perseveres in finding, not only as many birds as possible but those elusive ones as well. It is nice to see someone passionate about what he does yet with a warm and caring attitude. His English is great but he is always willing to learn the latest slang, descriptive phrase or joke. 

    For a successful birding tour of Cuba, I highly recommend Arturo, you will encounter so much more than just the birds.

    Betty in Denver Colorado 

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    Cuban Tour Oct 2017 
  • After a truly wonderful trip to Cuba led by Arturo (Jr.), I can’t sing his praises highly enough. As I expected, the guiding was superb. It was all the extra efforts to make the trip as enjoyable as possible that really made a difference. In addition to fantastic bird watching, we had culture, sightseeing, and even some live music, making it a memorable trip in a myriad of ways. I hope to be able to revisit Cuba one day and would hope to again have Arturo as a guide! 


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    Birding trip to Cuba 
  • I cannot say enough about the fantastic birding in Cuba, thanks to our guide Arturo Kirkconnell, Jr. Arturo made sure that we all heard the calls, saw the birds and were able to get good photos as well. Arturo has great contacts and was able to put us on even the most reticent birds. The accommodations were very good, the food excellent & plentiful and the country beautiful. I was able to add 57 birds to my life list and we saw over 150 species in our time there. Kirkconnell Birds set up an amazing 10 day trip for us and I would highly recommend them!

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    Cuba Birding
  • What a great time I had birding in Cuba! The birds are stunning – from the diminutive bee hummingbird to the endless flocks of flamingos, they will take your breath away. Exploring the countryside to find these birds was equally thrilling. Our guide, Arturo Jr., took us on a journey across this stunning landscape to locate almost every Cuban and West Indian endemic possible. He went the extra mile to find me a mangrove cuckoo! All in all, I had 60 life species while there! Come with an appetite. The Cubans love to feed you amazing, wholesome, home-cooked fare in very large portions. This is just a fabulous trip and I would recommend it – just don’t bring a dry bag ; ).


    Kathy Minch

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    Cuba birding just a blast
  • My sister and I signed up for this Cuba birding tour from a site we found on the Internet. What we hoped for was to see a few Cuban endemics and maybe add in some snorkeling. What we got was way beyond our expectations. Our companions (luck of the draw) were hilarious. Our driver, Hernan, was skilled, especially at dodging potholes. Our accommodations and victuals were varied and interesting. And the Cuban countryside, culture, and companeros were superlative. Best of all was our guide, Arturo. He knows every bird’s secret hiding place and they seem to appear upon his command, a genuine bird whisperer. Our ten days in Cuba in summary: good food, great company, birds and more birds, some beautiful fish and just a rollicking good time. Wish we had signed up for longer.

    Ellen Przyuski

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    April 2 to 12, 2017 Cuba trip
  • Arturo: I am not very good at the computer thing, and could not get the reference you sent for the testimonies to work on my computer. But I wanted for sure to send you a message of thanks for one of the best trips of my life (and my sister’s too) We have been to many birding festivals and on guided trips in other places, but none like the one we went on with you. It seemed nearly miraculous that every day you would tell us what the target birds for the next day would be– and then march us out to whatever surrounding terrain there was, and there were just exactly those birds, plus many others! So many new birds, plus lots of information about their habits and habitat. You were amazingly patient with us rather novice birders, helpful to our photographer friend, and really good with our fellow traveller expert. Finally, we were very pleased with our accommodations and if anything overfed! The only place we were less happy was the final resort, which seemed a bit overdone to us; but I understand that the ordinary accommodations are not available there, plus we really loved the snorkeling trips and you and the others seemed very happy there. All in all a wonderful trip, way beyond our hopes and expectations. I am sending your website to other birders I know in the hopes that more people will want to join you in the future. Ellie and I hope to meet up with you in October when you come to the US. Please let us know where and when if you can.

    Muchas Gratias!

    Fran OReilly

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    Thanks for the wonderful trip
  • I had a great time visiting Cuba with Arturo. We had great views of lots of endemics. The places we stayed at were great and the food was always delicious. The driver of our van was friendly and got us safely to where ever we needed to go. There was time to visit museums, old cities, gardens and the beach which made it extra enjoyable. Going into the swamp and seeing the Zapata Wren and Sparrow was especially exciting. Getting great views and photos of the Bee Hummingbird near Playa Giron was a true pleasure. 

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    Loren Hintz
  • What a wonderful tour! Arturo’s keen eyes and ears led us to see so many endemics. His knowledge made the journey a true cultural learning experience. His humor put all of us in a good mood no matter how early in the morning we were off to bird.  

    Thank you so much!! 

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    Our Birding Trip By Thomas Carlisle April 2017
  • My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful first-time trip to Cuba in early February. Thanks to Arturo’s lifelong experience with local habitats and species’ ranges, we were able to document even some of the most uncommon endemics. His sharp eye and persistence yielded sightings of species that we would otherwise have missed entirely. Since Arturo is himself a great bird photographer, he naturally steered the photographers in our group into spots providing optimal lighting and proximity to get the best possible photos. In addition to the birding, Arturo arranged fine lodging for us, and took us to restaurants spanning the spectrum of Cuban food. He also served as our cultural guide, answering our questions on Cuban customs, culture, and history. I felt like we were able to see and do a lot in our short time in Cuba and would like to do it again.


    Thanks so much for this great adventure!

    Mindy and Doug

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    February 2017 Cuba Trip
  • I have so enjoyed reading the testimonials posted by other birders who, like me, have so thoroughly enjoyed a birding experience with Arturo! Everything that the others have said applies equally to my trip in Cuba February 1-10, 2017. Arturo is such an incredibly talented birder (and photographer), locating and identifying the endemic and migratory birds by song and sight and sharing his knowledge of their habitat and habits. By my count, our small group of five saw 146 species in eight days. Arrangements for lodging and meals were excellent, and the support offered by Adrian and our driver Miguel were most welcome. I also enjoyed learning about life in Cuba today and the care and oversight to protect and conserve Cuba’s extensive national park system. I highly recommend Kirkconnell Birds and Partnership for International Birding for a fascinating and rewarding birding experience in Cuba!



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    Birding with Arturo Jr (February 2017)
  • Thank you for a fantastic trip in Cuba. Arturo’s skills are legendary. He was able to locate the important endemic birds for us. We were treated to great looks at the Cuban trogon, Fernandina flicker, Cuban solitaire, Cuban gnatcatcher and bee hummingbird and more! His ability to hear the birds was so important in finding these birds. In addition, we stayed at wonderful places with delicious food. This was a trip of a lifetime and I am so grateful for the experience.


    Susan Schott

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    Susan Schott (February 2017)
  • Arturo and his great assistant, Adrian, led a small group, two-week tour, with six of us on board.  The ostensible purpose of the trip was birding – Arturo excels at that! – so we saw tremendous birds throughout Cuba…endemics and many others.  Highlights we still remember are the cuban tody, bee hummingbird,  trogon, a variety of owls, pink flamingos (several times!), and a whole array of magnificent winged species, small to large.  One of us (me) is a photographer, and Arturo gave constant tips about how to best capture these birds, as well as taking extra time to allow for those opportunities.   So that’s a good trip right there.  


    But that is not nearly the whole story – not for us.  What was equally wonderful was Arturo’s expertise in making the whole experience such a smooth one.  We stayed in top-notch small homes and bed & breakfasts – the five-star kind. Home-cooked meals, delightful hosts, and every detail covered ahead of time (or if needed, at the time of a request).  We are vegetarians (one of us entirely, the other mostly), and we’d been warned that this might be difficult.  Not under Arturo’s planning…instead, organic produce at every meal, salads until even we’d eaten enough salad, and always an extra plate or order to accommodate this diet.  Delicious at every turn!


    Additionally, we aren’t hard-core birders; we love the whole nature thing…land, water, ecosystems, bugs to bats to bears.  So we asked for time and opportunities to go scuba diving (in some of the clearest oceans and living reefs we’ve ever seen, as a side note), and time to venture on walks on our own.  Another tour member wanted to see music and dance in old Trinidad – so that was added into the trip (to our delight, too), and we arrived early to allow for some time in Havana where Arturo found us a fantastic historical/city guide, as well as setting up all transport to/from the scuba sites, our bed-and-breakfast accommodations, etc.


    The ease of travel (despite knowing that any country has its quirks and challenges) and the quality of the experience we had in every area is a testament to Arturo’s care, attention, knowledge of local culture and people, along with his renowned expertise in the birding realm.  And apart from Arturo and Adrian, who are a delight to be with,  we made four lovely friends along the way, in our other tour members. As very independent travelers, that’s saying a lot.  


    We would recommend Kirkconnell Tours to anyone and everyone – and have been doing so already.  We hope we’ll have a chance to return.


    Thank you, Arturo!


    Juliet & Phil


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    Top-Notch Cuba Birding & Nature Tour ( Jan 2017) 

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Cuba is the largest island in the West Indies, has 40,543 square miles. Once, forests covered more than 80% of Cuba – presently only an estimated 12% of the island remains forested. With 372 species of birds in Cuba, and among them 26 endemic species.  it is one of the premier locations in the world to enjoy bird watching.

Cuba archipelago offers the unique opportunity to obtain beautiful photos through the beauty of their different ecosystems. It gives you the unique opportunity of the Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world, the Magnificent Cuban Trogon, the spectacular Cuban Tody among many others.

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