1. What went well?  What exceeded your expectations?

One week before our scheduled trip I had an accident that cause me serious mobility issues. my participation in the trip was very questionable. Charles and Arturo had the problems solved in no time. they brought in the most delightful young man who helped me every step of the way. this was my companion Adrian.

I had expected to have to sit in a vehicle and bird from afar, but with the help of Adrian i was able to be out and in the fields with the other birders and was able to get all the birds  that everyone else got and i did not ruin anyone’s enjoyment by having them be responsible for me and slowing them down. Arturo and Adrian made sure I got every bird.

everywhere we stayed the staff was very respectful of my problems and did everything they could to make my stay enjoyable. 

my expectations were met tenfold–I was not even sure I would be able to go and participate at all. 


2.What could have gone better? I cannot think of a thing that could have gone better. 

I was not prepared for the tipping as I did not have small currency.


3. What did not meet your expectations.

my expectations were pretty low as I was injured and i expected to be car birding. it was amazing that I was able to get out and go with everyone else. I was truly in tears that everyone was so helpful to make my trip a once in a lifetime experience. 

I am so grateful to everyone that the trip was so wonderful.


4. Feel free to provide any other feedback you may have?

I had no idea what to expect in Cuba.  my mind was a blank slate. I am so impressed with the Cuban people. they were so gracious, caring and genteel. they were so genuine in their concerns for me .they made me feel very safe. they treated me like an elder in their family which I thought was a huge compliment.

I enjoyed their wonderful tasty food. 

our travel company did a wonderful job of preparing us. they sent us travel and birding information that was so helpful and alleviated some of the apprehension of a foreign trip.

our guide Arturo is just the best. he knew the habitat and the songs and he got us on birds so fast I thought we would be done in 2 days. he is just amazing. he was so personable and just a joy to be around. 

my friend Adrian was the sweetest most caring man . he never let me take a step without him helping me.i could never have done the trip without his assistance. I will be forever grateful to him and everyone who made this trip possible for me. I cannot thank him enough.

thanks to everyone,